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The Health Risks of EMF – and – The Health Risks of EMR


EMF & EMR Produce Harmful Interference to Internal Processes

The simplest way to grasp the idea that EME can affect the body is to view it simply as “electromagnetic interference” to the natural electro-chemical processes that constantly take place in a healthy body. The interference may be very mild or powerful, depending on a number of factors. Keep this in mind. Of course we would like to understand exactly how the interference takes place for each health condition and to what magnitude at different EME frequencies and power levels. But without knowing every detail, the basic reality is that there is either “enhancement” of internal processes (such as by PEMF medical type devices) or “harmful interference” of those processes, as with EMF from power line frequencies and EMR from wireless devices.


Natural Electromagnetic Energies and Geopathic Stress

Prior to the industrial revolution there were no man-made, artificial energy fields in our environment. All of the energy that humans experienced was natural to the environment. Natural energies included solar and cosmic radiation, geomagnetic fields, lightning, Schumann resonance frequencies, and positive and negative ions in the air. Humans and other life on earth are actually quite sensitive to these energies, some being more sensitive than others. It’s not so strange that we would be sensitive to even the most subtle natural energies since life on earth has evolved while “basking” in these energies for eons.

Our bodies also live and function with internal energetic processes which include electric charge impulses, the most commonly known being the heartbeat and brainwaves. But those are just two of the most obvious electrical processes in the body. There are many more than those two. So it’s only natural that there would be some sympathetic resonances, and dissonances, between “bio-electric” life and the energy we are exposed to in our environment.

Besides the energy that’s part of our natural environment, there are also distortions of geomagnetic energy. Areas with energy distortions are called geopathic stress zones. A geopathic stress is basically a magnetic field anomaly in a normally aligned and stable magnetic field. Geopathic stress zones, or areas with magnetic anomalies are recognized by some people as toxic to health. An example of geopathic stress would be the area over an underground stream of water. An underground stream is a cause of constant disturbance in the normally stable geomagnetic energy field. Underground streams are loaded with minerals and are constantly moving and dynamically interacting with and disturbing the normally stable magnetic field of the earth in the area surrounding the water. It does not just cause a static shift in the earth’s magnetic field in the way a stationary, steel object would. You can think of it as causing the magnetic field to be agitated in sync with the motion of the water.

When someone’s bed is positioned over an underground flow of water the magnetic anomaly can have toxic effects on a person who sleeps in that bed. Sleeping every night in a geopathic stress zone, such as over an underground creek or stream is known to be hazardous to health. Dowsers are very familiar with this and are able to locate geopathic stress zones with dowsing.

Natural energies and geopathic stress, from natural causes, are not the main subject of this website. But this is a good example because it informs us that stressing the health of the body with “toxic” forms of energy is not a new issue.


Today, however, our energy environment is far more complex than it was with just natural energy and geopathic stress. For many decades now we have had artificially produced Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) from the generation, transmission and application of low frequency electric power. And now we are “saturating” our home and work environments even more with artificially produced energy fields from all of the “wireless” technologies that have been developed and implemented as consumer items. So adding to the relatively short range EMF from electric power use, we now have a much farther reaching, higher frequency Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) penetrating our communities.

In our normal, everyday, modern lives we are exposed to a lot of different invisible energies. Most of us take for granted that we are entirely safe in them. Everything that uses electric power to operate, whether from utility distributed AC power or from generators or batteries, naturally emits Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) for a relatively short distance (compared to wireless EMR). The wireless devices that we use everyday, whether our cell phones or our Wi-Fi connected devices, all (intentionally) radiate Electromagnetic Radiation or EMR, for communications over a relatively long distance.

Both EMF and EMR in their artificially produced forms are dynamic forms of electromagnetic energy. They are neither static nor natural to our environment, especially at their current intensities. For the first time in the history of humankind and of all life on planet earth we are being exposed to unnatural, unnaturally high levels of artificially produced EMF and EMR. We are, as many are saying, in a planet sized experiment right now. This just started within the last 100 years or so, and in the last 30 years, since turning on the first nationwide cell phone networks in 1985, our exposure has increased by many magnitudes.


Electromagnetic Field (EMF) Exposure

Utility provided electric power is low frequency, 60 cycles per second (60 Hz) of alternating current power in the USA. EMFs are produced by both the voltage on the (pole top) power distribution lines and the current flowing through lines. Electric power transformers, electric appliances, electric motors, house wiring, electric lighting, and electronic devices such as light dimmers, and “energy efficient” Switched Mode Power Supplies” (SMPS) also give off EMFs when electricity is applied to them.

SMPS are used as “energy efficient” power converters to convert the 60Hz AC power to low voltage DC power for use within electronics devices. SMPS are often used in electronic equipment such as video games and televisions. Even the small “wall-transformers” that come with so many portable devices use SMPS circuits. The “efficient” conversion process of a SMPS typically puts many thousands of “digitally sampled” voltage spikes per second onto the AC power lines (unintentionally, due to cheap filtering), where they travel back through the electric wiring. Although the small electric “spikes” are not really “noise” because they aren’t truly random, the spikes are an undesirable byproduct and they appear as low voltage electromagnetic “noise” that rides on the normally smooth 60 Hz (60 cycles per second) power frequency. (Note: in Europe and other countries the power frequency is 50 Hz.) In addition, the EM spikes usually radiate out from both the SMPS device itself and from the electric power lines into the space around the SMPS and electrical wiring. The radiated energy is much higher in frequency than the 60 Hz power and can be toxic to the body at higher intensities. This is causing some very serious health problems by itself, according to epidemiologists who have researched associations between what they call “dirty electricity” and cancer cluster populations.


Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) Exposure

EMR is basically a form of EMF that is very high (or extremely high) in frequency and intentionally radiated outward so that other devices can pick up the radiated energy. Microwave frequency EMR is used for consumer wireless communications because the microwave frequency band of energy has characteristics that make it a great “carrier” of high-speed, broadband data for Internet access and other applications. Basically, the information (or data) is encoded onto an FCC preassigned “channel” with a certain “bandwidth” of microwave frequencies. The process uses “symbols” which are encoded onto the microwave frequency energy to be transmitted, or radiated, from an antenna. The microwave carrier energy (with the encoding on it) is then picked up (i.e. intercepted) by another antenna and fed into a receiver where the symbols are removed from the microwave carrier and decoded. It’s really an ingenious process. The unfortunate “side-effect” is that microwave frequency energy that must be radiated for high-speed, broadband wireless technology to work also penetrates the human body and other life-forms, potentially causing interference to healthy, natural internal processes.


Physical and Psychological Stress From Exposure to EMF and EMR

How much stress do you imagine that this dynamic, artificially produced EMF and EMR may be producing in the more stable geomagnetic field? EMF and EMR may cause geopathic stress to varying degrees, depending on the weakness or strength of the artificially produced fields. But whether or not these fields actually “interfere” with geomagnetic fields is not the issue. In fact, they may just overlap each other.

But according to research, EMF and EMR are apparently strong enough to interact with sensitive processes that occur within the body and brain, possibly interfering with the processes as they do interact. Interaction and interference with internal processes may be virtually undetectable outside of a laboratory, but symptoms of severe inner stress have been associated with exposure. Unhealthy inner stress, as a matter of fact, may not “be” dis-ease, but too much of it over time will certainly cause disease. This is well understood by physicians and scientists.

Since we are now saturating our environment with these dynamic energy fields we may be exposing ourselves to constant inner stress with the many surprisingly harmful effects of that stress. Some people do claim to experience many ill symptoms from exposure to these artificially produced fields. In addition, research done by independent scientists have identified both biological and psychological effects that are caused by exposure to these fields. Even worse, increased rates of cancer, leukemia and other diseases have been associated with exposure to these artificially produced fields. There are pages on this website that cover each category mentioned: symptoms, biological effects, diseases, and there is also a page on DNA damage.


Internal Stress from EMF/EMR Affected My Own Health

I’ve personally lived in a home with a toxic EMF & EMR environment. Traveling on business about 80 percent of the time eventually allowed me to become aware of the toxic effects when I was at home. Whenever I was traveling I felt fine. When I was home I felt fine for a few days. Then the first thing I noticed at home was elevated inner stress, manifesting in different ways. It took a long time to figure it out and realize what was causing the stress and breakdown in my normally good health. At first I thought it might have be mold in the ventilation system. But that was eventually eliminated as a cause. The longer I was home and not traveling for work the more seriously I would become affected. I could not stand being home because I felt so uncomfortable at home, and I lived in an otherwise nice place. There were a couple of times after being home for several months, not out working on projects, when I had to go to an emergency clinic. The symptoms that I was experiencing I later recognized as symptoms of exposure to toxic levels of EMF.

Finally, after a period of fighting the physical effects and mental feelings that I was going downhill fast, and having eliminated other possible causes, I finally got some instruments to measure the EMF in my home. Upon taking measurements in my home I found the levels of both EMF and EMR were very high. The levels in my home were toxic according information published by scientists and researchers.

In my bedroom, right on the bed where I slept every night, the EMF was the most toxic. This was primarily due to an unbalanced 60 Hz magnetic field (and harmonics) and “dirty” electricity combined. The cause of the strong field was incorrect grounding in the electrical wiring. Harmonics of 60 Hz were in the field also, which is not good. The EMR from my neighbors cordless phones, WiFi and nearby rooftop cell sites added to the electro-smog in my home. Since the most toxic levels were right in my bedroom I was exposed to internal stress every night, month after month. When I slept on the living room sofa I felt “safer” somehow, though still not how I should have felt. Later, after taking measurements, I would find out why.

So I have personally felt the difference between living in a toxic environment, like the home I lived in before, and living in a much healthier energy environment like I do now.

Sleep is supposed to be a time of regeneration, but stress producing, toxic energy prevents cellular regeneration and interferes with the healthy processes in the body such as proper immune function and melatonin production during sleep.


Have Your Home Assessed for EMF and EMR Exposure Levels

In my experience, this is real and serious stuff. And my professional background working with microwaves for many, many years confirms the reasons why. If you want to be sure you are not over-stressing and over-complicating your life and health due to exposure to high levels of EMF and EMR, then I highly recommend you have your home assessed for EMF and EMR.

You can find out more about assessment services by clicking on the Services tab at the top of the page. You can also explore other topics on this website, such as symptoms, biological effects, DNA damage, associated diseases, quotes by scientists, professors and doctors, and more. The subject matter has been laid out in such a way in the top menu that it is easy to navigate to a topic of interest. We’ll also be adding a lot of content over time so check back from time to time for updates.

Good luck to you, stay well, and please contact us if you think we might be able to help you with your EMF/EMR environmental issues.

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