There is a huge controversy between the old, short term “tissue heating” research that was paid for by the wireless telecommunications industry many years ago and more recent evidence that EMR causes a host of health problems. The results of the original research were used to establish the federal “guidelines” for the wireless industry to follow in order to protect the public from harmful power levels of EMR. More recent evidence and independent research by doctors and scientists from around the world tells a different story about the health risks of EMR (microwaves). The original research was never “peer reviewed” in any way, whereas the independent research is being reviewed in many locations around the world.

Most people will immediately realize that industry paid research, the results of which were intended to regulate consumer wireless radiation (i.e. microwave energy) exposure levels, while limiting unnecessary regulatory burdens to industry (and government and military), seriously lacks credibility to the general public. Besides the significant credibility issue, industry paid research only focused on the thermal effects (i.e. body tissue heating) of radio and microwave frequency EMR, and not other less obvious long-term, bio-logical and psychological effects like DNA damage, diabetes, hormone changes, anxiety, depression and a host of other problems scientists are claiming occur.

To a lot of people, that exclusive focus makes it appear that the industry paid research was unscientifically biased right from the very beginning. The bias was to disregard the possibility of any potential harmful effects from lower level radiation (below thermal levels). Independent researchers have have found in their research that much lower levels of exposure to EMR can cause a lot of different biological effects.

Much negativity has been put out regarding the wireless industry research being underfunded and not thorough enough to identify any health impact from lower power microwaves. I suggest, however, that we have government agencies who are supposed to be ensuring our safety. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for example, should be handling the issue of EMF and EMR health risks since they are “environmental” concerns. But the EPA appears to be funded to focus on chemistry, and toxic chemicals. So they have deferred the responsibility for setting realistic safety guidelines to an agency who’s mission is not to protect the public, but to regulate spectrum and interstate telecommunications. In addition, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) now makes billions of dollars each time they auction off spectrum licenses (read: privileges) to the highest bidders. That would be a major conflict of interest, if their mission were really to protect the public from exposure to the spectrum they manage. But it is not their mission. So basically, the public is not being protected sufficiently from any possible health risks associated with EMF and EMR exposure.

This controversy is primarily about whether or not there are harmful biological effects from low (power) levels of microwave EMR. Low power levels means microwave power levels that are too low to cause tissue heating. The controversy is due to the concern and evidence that low power level microwaves from wireless devices such as cell-phones, cell-tower antennas, Wi-Fi sources, cordless phones, and “Smart Grid” utility meters actually can cause harmful biological effects. The microwaves used in wireless technologies are like those used to cook food in household microwave ovens, although the power levels used in wireless technologies are much, much lower (weaker) than that used in microwave ovens.

The position taken by the FCC and wireless industry leaders is that thermal effects are scientifically confirmed to be a health and safety risk, while lower power level microwaves “have not consistently been proven to be harmful”. Independent scientists and researchers say this is a dangerous manipulation of the facts. Something does not have to be proven harmful 100% of the time for it to be dangerous.

Independent scientists, on the other hand, report that there are not just thermal effects (body tissue heating) from exposure to high powered microwaves, but that the much weaker levels of microwaves radiated from wireless networks and devices also produce symptoms and biological effects, some of which are harmful to health and even life threatening.

Be sure to also read the page on “The Health Risks of EMF“. EMFs are Electromagnetic Fields produced by the electric power in utility transmission lines and building wiring and by the use of electricity in electric appliances and devices and electronic technologies.

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