The Bioinitiative Report 2012  LINK

“Human stem cells do not adapt to chronic exposures to non-thermal microwave (cannot repair damaged DNA), and damage to DNA in genes in other cells generally do not repair as efficiently.”

“Non-thermal effects of microwaves depend on variety of biological and physical parameters that should be taken into account in setting the safety standards. Emerging evidence suggests that the SAR concept, which has been widely adopted for safety standards, is not useful alone for the evaluation of health risks from non-thermal microwave of mobile communication. Other parameters of exposure, such as frequency, modulation, duration, and dose should be taken into account. Lower intensities are not always less harmful; they may be more harmful. Intensity windows exist, where bioeffects are much more powerful.”

“We have the knowledge and means to save global populations from multi-generational adverse health consequences by reducing both ELF and RFR exposures. Proactive and immediate measures to reduce unnecessary EMF exposures will lower disease burden and rates of premature death.”

Genetic Effects of Non-Ionizing Electromagnetic Fields  PDF


Olle Johansson, PhD Announcing Seletun Scientific Statement  LINK

Pointing to Biological Hazards and Risks to the Genetic Code from Unchecked Proliferation of Wireless Technologies


International Scientists Recommend Global Governments Adopt New Exposure Guidelines for Electromagnetic Radiation—Pointing to Biological Hazards and Risks to the Genetic Code from Unchecked Proliferation of Wireless Technologies. In this 18 minute video, Dr. Johansson, from Sweden’s renowned Karolinska Institute, and Chair of the Seletun Scientific Panel, announces a consensus agreement among international scientists on the need to reduce EMF (electromagnetic field) exposures to the population. The paper has just been published in the journal, Reviews on Environmental Health. The Seletun Scientific Panel’s recommendations are extremely important given the unchecked proliferation of wireless radiation over the past decade, such as from cell towers, wireless networks, wireless routers, and cell phones, as well as because of the plans by many ignorant governments to blanket neighborhoods in new, radiation-emitting utility ‘smart’ meters.


EMF’s Effect on DNA by Dr. Martin Blank  Video

Dr. Blank gives a dynamic, very clear presentation (which is helpful for non science majors) about how electromagnetic fields affect cells and can cause DNA damage. We need our DNA to be healthy our entire lives, he says, not just when we’re of childbearing age. He explains:

“DNA is not an ordinary kind of molecule. It’s the molecule that contains the genetic information that we have to keep us functioning. Most people think it’s only about passing on the information on to future generations. But the DNA is not like we were taught when we were in high school—that the DNA is kept in the nucleus, very secure, locked in and it’s hard to damage, it’s chemically inert. No, that’s not true. This molecule is in business, and it’s constantly doing things because it makes the proteins that are needed for the business of life.”

He also talks about how EMF affects cells:

“so the stress protein is an indication by the cell in its own language that it has come into contact with something that is bad for it – that is potentially harmful and what it’s telling us is that when we know that the cell reacts to EMF in the environment it is telling you that the cell feels it is potentially harmful. The cell has told us. You can do the experiment yourself. It will make stress proteins and it only makes the stress proteins when it is a potentially harmful environment and it makes it with EMF. . . ” (Dr. Martin Blank, Commonwealth Club, 11/18/10)


How Susceptible are Genes to Mobile Phone Radiation? 2009 PDF

Page 29 of the document addresses the following:

DNA and Chromosome Damage: A Crucial Non-Thermal Biological Effect of Microwave Radiation

An Overview of Studies and Models on the Effect Mechanism

“Which studies show that the exposure of a living organism to radiofrequency electromagnetic fields leads to DNA and chromosome damage? And what is the latest state of research that explains such genotoxic effects of RF radiation? This article is dedicated to answering these questions. It offers an overview of the current state of research in a field that is of utmost importance to public health.”


Electromagnetic fields and DNA damage  LINK


“A major concern of the adverse effects of exposure to non-ionizing electromagnetic field (EMF) is cancer induction. Since the majority of cancers are initiated by damage to a cell’s genome, studies have been carried out to investigate the effects of electromagnetic fields on DNA and chromosomal structure. Additionally, DNA damage can lead to changes in cellular functions and cell death. Single cell gel electrophoresis, also known as the ‘comet assay’, has been widely used in EMF research to determine DNA damage, reflected as single-strand breaks, double-strand breaks, and crosslinks. Studies have also been carried out to investigate chromosomal conformational changes and micronucleus formation in cells after exposure to EMF. This review describes the comet assay and its utility to qualitatively and quantitatively assess DNA damage, reviews studies that have investigated DNA strand breaks and other changes in DNA structure, and then discusses important lessons learned from our work in this area.”


Robert C Kane

Robert C. Kane has been actively employed in the tele-communications industry for more than thirty years.

In his book: “Cellular Telephone Russian Roulette” Book PDF he states:

“Today we know that even a single exposure to low level radiofrequency radiation causes damage to the DNA makeup of brain cells.”


A Theory of Microwave Induced DNA Covalent Bond Breakage

Here is an interesting report on the possible mechanism of DNA Damage: LINK

And here is an excerpt:

“A review of the data from the various referenced experiments shows a common pattern — for the first few minutes of irradiation there is no pronounced effect, and then a cascade of microbial destruction occurs. The data pattern greatly resembles the dynamics of a capacitor; first there is an accumulation of energy, and then a catastrophic release. It may simply indicate a threshold temperature has been reached, or it may indicate a two-stage process is at work. The second stage of this process may very well be the accumulation of oxygen radicals, which would certainly seem to be primary suspects as they have a considerable propensity for dissociating the covalent bonds of DNA. Oxygen radicals can be generated by the disruption of a hydrogen bond on a water molecule. Water molecules exist alongside DNA molecules as “bound” water, two or three layers thick. These water molecules share a hydrogen bond with component atoms of the DNA backbone, including carbon, nitrogen and other oxygen atoms. At any given point in time one of the hydrogen atoms may be primarily bonded to either an oxygen atom on the water molecule, or to an oxygen (or other) atom on the DNA backbone. The fluctuating character of these shared and exchanged bonds is enhanced by temperature and by the dynamics induced by microwaves. Although the amount of oxygen radicals which may be produced by this process cannot presently be determined, the production of some number of oxygen radicals is inevitable in these circumstances. It must be noted here though, that most of the oxygen radicals produced in this manner would exist only briefly, as they would almost immediately bond to the nearest available site. If this site is an oxygen atom on the DNA backbone, we get a covalent bond break, albeit probably only a brief one. Although DNA tends to repair itself naturally, the simultaneous breakage of a sufficient number of covalent bonds would lead to a catastrophic failure of the entire DNA molecule. Due to the exceedingly large number of bonds involved, the matter boils down to a reproducible function of pure probabilities. In other words, after a set and reproducible amount of time determined by probability functions, you would expect to see DNA disintegration. And so, what we have is a two-stage process of DNA covalent bond breakage resulting from oxygen radicals generated by microwave irradiation. That is the theory, and it awaits experimental verification.”

Barry Trower – Implications of Wi-Fi Induced DNA Damage on Children



Potential DNA Damage Through Structural Isomerism

Opinion by the author of

Structural isomerism takes place when atoms within a molecule are arranged in different orders. A structural isomer has the same molecular formula as the original but a different structural formula or arrangement. Structural isomers are said to have different physical and chemical properties.

This is what occurs when food is microwaved and the electromagnetic energy rearranges the molecules. Microwave energy, by forcing food molecules to move around, cause molecular friction. The molecular friction eventually causes heat, thereby cooking the food.

This is not to claim that microwaving food is any more damaging to food than using high thermal heat. It may be more damaging, but charring food, for example, is also known to produce carcinogens. Raw food is most nutritious because it has the most unadulterated nutrients and enzymes which have not been changed or destroyed. That’s well known. The intention in bringing up microwave cooked food here is simply to explain what happens to food molecules when they are radiated with microwaves. But check this out if you’re interested in looking into the possible risks of eating microwave cooked food: LINK and LINK

Hans Hertel, a Swiss scientist, stated:

“There are no atoms, molecules or cells of any organic system able to withstand such a violent, destructive power for any extended period of time, not even in the low energy range of milliwatts… This is how microwave cooking heat is generated – friction from this violence in water molecules. Structures of molecules are torn apart, molecules are forcefully deformed (called structural isomerism) and thus become impaired in quality.”

It also makes sense that structural isomerism occurs in organic molecules, like DNA, when a human body absorbs microwave radiation with “enough energy”. This could even occur at very low intensities and before any increase in temperature would be noticed. Some organic molecules could be rearranged by short-term, pulsed, microwave energy, as is used in all digital wireless technologies. That does not mean there will necessarily be a noticeable increase in temperature. For a noticeable increase in temperature to occur molecular friction will have to be taking place over a minimum period of time. But it’s pretty apparent that DNA molecules are rearranged long before heat is generated, because the friction of them moving around is what eventually causes the temperature to increase.

So molecules would be rearranged well before there is any noticeable heat, and before any noticeable heat can be generate the situation has already changed. Either the wireless phone call is over, or the person has moved away from a hot spot of microwave EMR, for example. There are probably a lot of situations where the amount of energy being absorbed produces tiny amounts of heat that are barely noticeable because of the air conditioned environments we usually live in. All the while there may be plenty of molecular rearrangements taking place in various places in the body.

Another factor to consider is that the body has (blood and lymph) circulation systems that “dissipate heat” by carrying away the warmer blood and lymph fluids that have been absorbing the energy. This of course depends on the parts of the body that are absorbing the most microwave energy, as there is better circulation in some parts of the body than others. With circulation, any potential temperature increases would be minimized, possibly giving us a false sense of security that we are safe.

So intermittently pulsed microwaves such as is common in current digital wireless technologies might produce DNA damage before (noticeable) heat can be generated. And if a minor amount of heat is generated it might be dissipated out through blood and lymph circulation long before it can accumulate enough to be noticed.

Now, since structural isomers have different structural formulas than the original molecules, a very important question comes to mind:

“How do structural isomers in DNA molecules impact DNA replication: the process of producing two identical replicas from one original DNA molecule?”

Common sense says that a rearranged DNA molecule will not be able to replicate the correct DNA arrangement.

And one more question is: “Do DNA strand breaks result when structural isomers occur?”

I would be interested to hear from someone who has expertise in this area.

For more on structural isomers go HERE.

This subject tells me one important thing about the FCC’s  “Specific Absorption Rate” (SAR) guideline:

“The SAR is the specific amount of heat production deemed to be the “safe limit” by the federal government, when all it has really established is the maximum amount of (structural isomerism) molecular damage the industry can legally inflict on the public.”


Hard to Believe?

For a technical explanation on why so-called low levels of “wireless” EMR are not really so low after all, please check out this page: Hard to Believe?