Infants and children are especially vulnerable to exposure from EMF and microwave radiation. Both mental and physical health problems in children increase due to exposure to them. A major concern of scientists and researchers is the use of Wi-Fi in schools. Please check the articles and links below for information on these important issues.


Growing Concern of the WiFi Radiation Impact on Children  LINK

Dr. David O. Carpenter, M.D Worries About the Biological Effects of Wireless Technology in Schools

Dr. David O. Carpenter, M.D is the Director of the Institute for Health and the Environment at the University at Albany and an Electromagnetic Field (EMF) subject matter expert. He shares his understanding about the health impacts of WiFi (Radio Frequency (RF) exposure) as well as Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) emissions on children in Safe Schools 2012 as well as many other publications.


Wireless vs. Wired in Classrooms  PDF

A letter by Martha R Herbert, PhD, MD to Los Angeles Unified School District


“I am a pediatric neurologist and neuroscientist on the faculty of Harvard Medical School and on staff at the Massachusetts General Hospital. I am Board Certified in Neurology with Special Competency in Child Neurology, and Subspecialty Certification in Neurodevelopmental Disorders. I have an extensive history of research and clinical practice in neurodevelopmental disorders, particularly autism spectrum disorders. I have published papers in brain imaging research, in physiological abnormalities in autism spectrum disorders, and in environmental influences on neurodevelopmental disorders such as autism and on brain development and function.”

“Current technologies were designed and promulgated without taking account of biological impacts other than thermal impacts. We now know that there are a large array of impacts that have nothing to do with the heating of tissue. The claim from wifi proponents that the only concern is thermal impacts is now definitively outdated scientifically.”

“EMF/RFR from wifi and cell towers can exert a disorganizing effect on the ability to learn and remember, and can also be destabilizing to immune and metabolic function. This will make it harder for some children to learn, particularly those who are already having problems in the first place.”


Bionitiative Report 2012Summary for the Public
(2014 Supplement) PDF

Protecting New Life – Infants and Children

Strong precautionary action and clear public health warnings are warranted immediately to help prevent a global epidemic of brain tumors resulting from the use of wireless devices (mobile phones and cordless phones). Commonsense measures to limit both ELF-EMF and RFR in the fetus and newborn infant (sensitive populations) are needed, especially with respect to avoidable exposures like baby monitors in the crib and baby isolettes (incubators) in hospitals that can be modified; and where education of the pregnant mother with respect to laptop computers, mobile phones and other sources of ELF-EMF and RFR are easily instituted. Wireless laptops and other wireless devices should be strongly discouraged in schools for children of all ages.

Findings in Autism (ASD) Consistent with Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) and Radiofrequency Radiation (RFR)  PDF

Martha Herbert, PhD, MD Pediatric Neurology
TRANSCEND Research Program
Massachusetts General Hospital
Harvard Medical School


The Israeli Supreme Court Ordered the Israeli Government to Investigate the Number of Children Currently Suffering From EHS.  LINK  PDF

World Health Organization (WHO)

Children are Not Little Adults  PDF

Barry Trower on the Dangers of Microwave Radiation to Children

Barry Trower has asked this question publicly many times over the years: “What is the safe level of microwave radiation for an embryo, a fetus, a child, or a pregnant woman?” No scientist or physician has ever volunteered an answer in public. The reason why is because a safe level for rapidly developing, early life has never been scientifically established.

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