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In addition to Symptoms of exposure to EMF and EMR, there are also Biological Effects. These are effects in the body which can not be noticed or identified by the senses. They are the results of EME penetrating the body and somehow interfering with normal, healthy biological processes. The mechanisms of “interference” must still be studied to be understood. But scientists have observed these biological changes. There are also some theories on “ion channel” activity caused by EMF and EMR. But more research must be done yet to identify the actual “mechanisms” of the biological effects.

Just because one or more of these effects may be occurring to someone does not prove that long-lasting harm to their body is occurring. On the other hand, there is also no proof that long-lasting harm is not occurring. That’s why it is suggested that we all take precautions to protect ourselves from exposure levels that may produce these effects.

Each of these effects has been researched and documented by scientists, however, more research is needed since there are many different technologies producing EMF and EMR and they all have their own unique microwave characteristics. This means certain characteristics of frequency, bandwidth, pulse width, modulation type, and power levels may have stronger specific biological effects than others. Also, we live in an “electrosmog” mix of many of these energies. That complicates the needed research even more. Only extensive (and expensive) research can answer these questions.

In the meantime, scientists know these effects are occurring, so they suggest we follow the “precautionary principle” to minimize our exposure and potential for harm.



  • Blood-Brain Barrier Altered/Damaged (leaky/permeable)
  • Reduced Melatonin Production
  • Disturbances of Cell Repair Mechanisms
  • Abnormal Cell Division
  • Elevated Blood Sugar
  • Hormonal Disturbances
  • Increased Oxidative Stress
  • Reduced Glutathione Levels
  • Decreased Enzyme Activity
  • Autoimmune Effects
  • Protein Synthesis Interference
  • Calcium Efflux (cell membrane calcium loss)
  • Fertility Impairment
  • DNA Single Strand Breaks
  • DNA Double Strand Breaks
  • Abnormal Gene Transcription
  • Nerve Damage
  • Heat Shock Proteins
  • Thermal Effects (destructive heating at high intensities)


It is also important to understand that biological damage produced by exposure, over time, can accumulate to the point of producing disease in a body.

Scientists view DNA Damage as the most critical harmful effect because it does not just affect individuals but the future of our society. Mitochondrial DNA is passed down to future generations “as is” and any damaged DNA will be passed down as well, with tragic results. So there is a page on this website dedicated to DNA Damage HERE.

For a technical explanation on why so-called “low levels” of wireless EMR may be strong enough to “interfere” with normal in the body, please check out this page: Hard to Believe?

You can download the extensive and highly detailed “Biological Effects Color Chart PDF” published by Bioinitiative 2012″ here.





Here’s another potential biological effect: cellphone effects on magnetite in brain cells.

This was published in December 1992 under the title of “BioMagnetite Mineralization in the Human Brain.” By Joseph Kirschvink and researchers that he worked with:

“Our brains are filled with magnetite. Our brains are actually responding to the earths magnetic field because we are wired up to do so with a heavy load of actual magnetite crystals. There are 5 million of them per gram in the center of the brain. In the normal brain tissue. There are 1400 g in your average human brain. The outer area of the brain, the meninges, the membrane that surrounds it has a 100 million of these magnetite crystals per gram. And the shape of these magnetic crystals doesn’t occur in nature. It’s only found in biological tissue.”