The intention for this website is to inform people, in a simple and straightforward manner about the growing problem of over-exposure to man-made electromagnetic pollution, or “electro-smog” as it is commonly called.

This electro-smog primarily comes from sources within two categories. The first category is low frequency Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) from electrical power distribution (overhead power-lines, transformers and electric wiring), electric equipment and appliances and electronics devices such as compact fluorescent light bulbs, televisions,  and computers.

The second category is high frequency Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR), which is “non-ionizing radiation” found below the frequency of light in the Electromagnetic spectrum, and is emitted (i.e. radiated) by wireless equipment. The primary concern with EMR today are microwaves which all modern consumer used “wireless” devices radiate.

The average person wanting to learn about the health risks of EMF and EMR has to spend an enormous amount of time going through a lot of websites and articles, books and YouTube videos before they can adequately gain an understanding of the core issues and the science and expert opinions concerning their health risks. People need to be empowered with information that’s easy to access and gets straight-to-the-point on this very important issue. Unfortunately, some important subjects like this one are placed out of reach of the general public simply because they are too complex and controversial and require too much time to research for the average person.

Therefore, this website has been laid out to facilitate organized and “straight-to-the-point” learning. The intention is for it to be a go-to resource for anyone wanting to learn about EMF and EMR exposure, its potential health risks, warnings by scientists, educators and other professionals, the evidence, theories, and arguments on both sides of the issue. Also you will find recommendations for protecting oneself from excess exposure. The subject topics are organized to be easily accessible via the main menu at the top of each page. When further information is desired one can go deeper into any given topic via the sub-menus. Overtime this website will be expanded to cover more related topics and in even greater depth.

Most websites addressing the EMF/EMR health risks issue mainly provide news articles or focus on some kind of community activism like stopping Smart Meter implementation, Cell Towers in neighborhoods, or Wi-Fi in schools. Those websites serve their purpose well. The purpose of this website, however, is primarily to be an information resource, and a place to find help for your situation. More information will be added regularly and new, related topics will be included also.

The Internet is a great tool, and on blogs you can find every possible opinion, some good, many not. But this website is not here as a platform to debate anything so this is not set up as a blog for public comments. The subject of this website is very controversial, but only because of the implications to individuals and groups on both sides of the controversy. Industry and the military complex is only interested in clear dangers. The more subtle health risks, although critical to many, are hard to prove and so are of no concern to them. They have a huge vested interest in keeping things that way. Meanwhile, people suffer and wonder why, until they are finally able to solve their own health dilemmas.

At this time it is early in 2016. It will take some time to add all of the initial content planned, so please check back periodically.

Finally, an assessment service is offered for those who are concerned with their own EMF and EMR exposure levels. It is anticipated that as people become aware of this serious issue more and more will want help. At that time resources will be added to connect you with an appropriate professional. If you are interested in having an EMF/EMR assessment at your home or place of business or other location please visit the “assessment” page.