I’ve worked in the wireless industry for many years. In fact, for several decades, and I still do from time to time. I am not a scientist, just an independent thinker, a personal researcher and a very experienced and technical wireless professional. For personal reasons I’m not going divulge my identity or a lot of details about my background on this website.

I am not against the use of electricity or wireless technologies. In fact, electrical and wireless technologies provide society with amazing capabilities. A lot of my own wireless work over the years has been in support of public safety agencies like police, fire and EMS paramedics, your basic 911 services. The use of wireless technologies has helped these agencies around the world to rescue countless lives over the years. That’s just one example of the benefits of wireless technologies. People are able to call 911 directly and rapidly from their cell phones, without having to hunt down pay phones, has also saved countless lives. So just for safety alone wireless technologies have been an incredible benefit to society.

But in recent years I have been observing the expanding overuse of a potentially toxic agent (microwaves) from which many people have already experienced sickening “side effects.” What I once perceived many years ago as a “very cool thing”, i.e. technologies using “radio-waves” for communications between people at a distance from each other, has rapidly transformed into a toxic microwave nightmare in a multitude of places in every community around the country and world.

Soon, the way that I and a lot of others see this issue, nearly every home will suffer a toxic, electro-smog filled environment. The long-term impact will likely be devastating. Many people are already suffering as a result of toxic overload from one form or another of electro-smog and those in authority who have not yet experienced or learned the truth of the problem often think that it’s all in their heads. I would like to help change that perception before our country (and world) is turned into an “electromagnetic hell” if it isn’t already too late.

In my view, this really started to become a major crisis in the last 20 years at least since the “launching” of the PCS (Personal Communication Services) spectrum (1.850 to 1.990 GHz) services nationwide in 1995. We all wanted cool wireless technologies, with SMS, fast Internet access, and photo & video uploading and downloading capabilities. We’ve finally got them all, and more. But in my opinion, the regular “roll-out” of new wireless technologies and constantly adding new microwave “channels” with “greater bandwidth capacity” has turned many areas into over-radiated, highly-toxic, slow-death zones. And it continues to get worse every year. I’m sure this sounds a bit strong to a lot of people, but that’s my educated and experienced opinion after many years of safely working with microwaves and researching health and healing issues.

There are some excellent electromagnetic energy devices, Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Field (PEMF) devices for example, that help to accelerate healing. They use specific energy characteristics to stimulate healing processes in the body. But the chaotic, mix of electro-smog transmissions being radiated into our streets, workplaces and homes is not good. On the contrary, electro-smog is a serious risk to everyone’s health.

Something useful and enjoyable with unhealthy side effects is not really so bad, from time to time. For example, whenever you visit Hawaii you get to enjoy the beauty of the islands, the tropical sunshine, the beautiful rugged, green mountains, the gentle trade-winds blowing fresh ocean air and the gorgeous Pacific Ocean lapping up over your feet. The benefits of a trip to Hawaii are enormous. But while in Hawaii you may have to breath a little VOG (volcanic smog) once in a while. Most people can tolerate a little VOG, but some people cannot tolerate it at all. There are those who can live just fine on the Big Island, right where the active volcanoes spew out sulfur fumes on a regular basis. Others would probably die from the effects of the toxic fumes if they had to breath it all of the time. Not everyone can tolerate the same level of toxins in the environment.

Imagine for a moment that mini, active volcanoes have cropped up in every neighborhood in the country and world, spewing out VOG. This VOG would eventually be everywhere and you could not escape it. Those people who are sensitive to the effects of breathing it would suffer immensely, and some would even die from it. But people would see the VOG and smell it and it would be obvious that there is a major problem. So they would be aware of the problem and try to filter it from their home and office air. VOG is just one example. There’s also pollen, molds, dust, and chemical toxins in the environment that affect different people in varying degrees, depending on where they live. Many people who are sensitive to these toxins eventually find out where they can live more safely and comfortably and then move to those locations.

But seeing and smelling microwave radiation and other man-made, electromagnetic fields and radiation is impossible. Microwaves are invisible toxins to all living things. They cannot be seen, tasted, smelled, heard or felt, with the extremely rare exception of hearing and feeling by a few very electro-sensitive people. And now microwaves are just about everywhere that people live. Soon microwave levels in every community will be even more intense because the government and corporations are hell-bent on having high-bandwidth wireless capability available everywhere and with everything, including home appliances and everything else that goes into the “Smart Home” plan.

The new technological push in the consumer wireless arena is called the “Internet of Things” or “IoT” as it is being referred to since we all love to use acronyms so much. This is the name for the wireless technologies that will be incorporated into everything from personal objects, to clothing, to cars, pets, and even implants in the body. Are you afraid of the chip implants in your hand or forehead that many Bible teachers have warned about for decades? Don’t worry, those in authority now know how to get everyone excited by the benefits of technologies that we normally would run from – if we were told the truth about their health risks, and the covert social agendas behind them. Expect to see millions of new wireless IoT gadgets and their “network devices” in every community very soon. Slowly they will be pushing for the “connected person”. DARPA, as a matter of fact, has scientists testing “implantable wireless ‘neuroprosthetics’” to help soldiers with brain injuries. So that’s just a few steps from commercialization, like the path that many medical and military technologies follow. Implants will fall in nicely as the next-generation of IoT technology. You can bet on it. The direction technology is being driven is adding more fuel to the EMR fire, a dangerous plan that would increase the EMR (radiation) exposure level of every “civilized” person adding to the health risks we already experience from the electro-smog filled environment.

How can you tell how much EMF and EMR you are being exposed to if you cannot sense it? You just can’t. All you can do is to measure it with appropriate instruments in order to know how much of it is in your environment. That’s the only way to know. EMR is actually an ideal stealth weapon. And look at the news. EMR is even being used in so-called “non-lethal weapons” technology. What kind of message does that send?

I started working in the wireless industry long before cellular phones were available to the general public. There was some controversy at the time about radiation from TV and radio broadcast towers and high powered Radar that was said to be causing cancer or leukemia in people. But unless you lived close to a high power broadcast tower or Radar antenna the issue of health problems from the radio-waves or microwaves was virtually unknown to you.

Even before working in the wireless industry I worked on high powered Radar in the US Air Force. The tactical Radar that I worked on in Germany “put out” (i.e. transmitted) high energy pulses of around 3 GHz (high powered microwaves). Each pulse was 2,800,000 watts of (peak power) and with over 300 pulses per second the “average power” of microwaves being transmitted was 6,700 watts every second it was operating. Those of us who worked on it, being very close to the antenna sometimes, joked about eventually becoming sterile and not being able to have kids. But years later, long after being honorably discharged, my wife at the time and I had kids with no problems. And my eyes were always in great condition too, 20/20, and I had no apparent damage from the microwave radiation. The facts are, I was young, fit and healthy, and when I finished each day of working on the Radar I went home to sleep at night sufficiently safe from continuous microwave exposure. So I was not being exposed twenty-four/seven and was able to obtain the full benefits of good sleep in an “Microwave/EMR silent zone”.

Our communities have all changed since then. There are few areas with no microwaves anymore. Today people are addicted to wireless (microwave radiating) technologies like smartphones, Bluetooth, cordless phones, Wi-Fi, baby monitors, and wireless watches, just like crack addicts. They can’t be away from their smart phone for a minute and even sleep with it next to their pillows.

Just think for a minute about all of the current wireless technologies including those just mentioned along with cell-phone & 4G-LTE towers (existing macro-cells), “small-cells” (micro-cells being deployed now), home Wi-Fi routers and devices, community Wi-Fi networks (being deployed now), condo Wi-Fi networks (being deployed now), soon to be deployed HetNets (Heterogeneous Networks), the Internet of Things (IoT) and other emerging wireless technologies. Just from this list alone you can imagine that we are increasing the amount of microwave energy in our communities, homes and workplaces by unprecedented magnitudes with every new wireless application.

Most of us are now exposed to all of this microwave energy from “network transmitters” (cellphone tower sites, Wi-Fi wireless LANs, Smart Grid meters, etc.) twenty-four/seven. We have no break from it. Even while we attempt to sleep peacefully in our bedrooms, electro-smog penetrating through the walls and our bodies at night can significantly reduce our melatonin production, increasing the risk of cancer and other diseases. Electro-smog has also been proven to diminish the “zeta-potential” of the blood, resulting in rouleaux formations (the clumping together of red blood cells), thereby causing red blood cell transport of oxygen and nutrients to be heavily compromised through our approximately 50,000 miles of tiny capillaries where red blood cells must enter in single file formation due to the extremely tiny size of the capillaries. These two possible “bio-effects” alone are cause for very serious concern and attention.

The evidence of potential (biological and/or psychological harm) from Electromagnetic Energy (EME) is right in front of us today, through testimonies of friends and family members who have experienced symptoms while living near cell-towers, Electro-Hyper-Sensitive (EHS) groups, epidemiological studies, scientific research and highly credible professors and physicians all who each have extensive curriculum vitae.

We need to pay serious attention to this issue and work toward greater public awareness. We also need leaders and new public policies that are more sensitive to the health concerns of vulnerable people and those who are experiencing EHS now. Government representatives should no longer blow the evidence off, ignoring the serious risks to all people of the excessive use of microwave energy in our environment. It’s time to stop using outdated safety guidelines as an excuse to allow unfettered expansion in the use of microwave radiation. It’s worse than second hand cigarette smoke that you can’t escape.

It helped me to come to this opinion after experiencing the harmful effects of toxic levels of EME first hand. Ironically, the harmful effects were not experienced at work but right in my home where I used to spend so much time when I was not out working on projects in some other state. By career I am a troubleshooter of wireless system problems. I developed troubleshooting skills many years ago. The process of selective elimination is used to troubleshoot sources of “interference” in wireless systems. Selective elimination can also be used to troubleshoot sources of “interference” to one’s health. In fact, a similar process is used effectively in allergy diagnosis.

I’m also an avid researcher who has invested an enormous amount of my personal time studying health and natural healing including Health Risks of  ElectroMagnetic Fields (EMF)the relationship of electrons and health. It’s also a subject that I intend to integrate into this website in the future.

Finally, I decided to create this website because there is an important dialog that is missing in this debate. The missing dialog is from those who actually have a lot of experience working with microwaves of all power levels, from high to low, for many years. Who’s keeping health stats on us?  In the wireless industry we were learning about Radio Frequency (RF) safety and “radiowave sickness” many years before cell phones were available and health problems from exposure to EMF and EMR became a “controversial” topic. We also learned the amazing fact that microwaves at incredibly low power levels are amazingly effective for wireless communications. That got me to thinking, if low power microwaves are so effective for wireless applications then how effective might they be at causing biological effects? Read the page “Hard to Believe” and you will see what I am talking about.

So to me, it’s not really a question of whether or not extremely low levels of EMF and EMR can cause symptoms and biological effects. I am 100% confident that they do. It’s really up to scientists and physicians to identify what the harmful effects are, how they are actually caused, and beginning at what low power levels of EMFs and EMR.

I wish you well.